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Part One: Is Couple’s Publicized Marriage a Shame or Brave Leap?

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2010 | Divorce

Over the past week, the media has been buzzing about a New York couple’s family decision. Some are looking at the couple’s decision to divorce and get married as an affront to marriage vows. But others defend the couple’s decision and argue that timing doesn’t work out perfectly for everybody, and everyone deserves a chance at incredible love.

“I didn’t believe in the word soul mate before, but now I do,” says the man who recently married his new wife in a Dec. 11 wedding ceremony. It wasn’t his first wedding; nor was it his current wife’s. Both actually met each other through their children of prior marriages, a reality that kept them from admitting their honest feelings about each other until a few years after they’d met and become friends.

They became friends when their children were in school together, and both the man and woman began feeling like they wanted to be more and more a part of the other’s life. They missed each other when the other was gone; they thought about each other more than they knew was right for married people to do. According to The New York Times, the woman became angry with fate for putting a man she thought she loved and belonged with in front of her so late in life.

And her feelings were returned, a fact she found out in 2008 when the man of her dreams, also married, confessed that he had fallen in love with her. So what were they to do at that point? Do vows come before the truth in their hearts? Tomorrow’s post will explain how the couple answered that question and what they did about it.


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