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Facebook Photos of Husband’s Second Wedding End in Paternity Case

We have shared a blog post about Facebook and divorce before, and a recent story involves the popular social networking site’s role in the path of an Ohio couple’s relationship.

Lynn and John France were married five years ago in Italy — or so they thought. When Lynn found pictures on Facebook of John marrying another woman, a complicated divorce and child custody dispute ensued that cast their union in dizzying a shade of doubt.

John France and his attorney have tried to prove that Lynn and John were never legally married. If that point could be proven, it would allow John’s marriage to Mrs. France #2, Amanda France, to be considered valid.

A court is yet to decide whether the 2005 marriage between Lynn and John was valid; however, it looks like that doesn’t matter very much to Lynn, who has filed for divorce from John. Even though sources report that the couple tried to reconcile their relationship, Lynn ultimately decided to seek a divorce when John took their two kids out of their home and moved them to Florida with him and Amanda France.

Whether John and Lynn’s marriage is valid impacts John’s legal options regarding rights to his children. If truly married to Lynn, then John would automatically be able to fight for custody of the children. If the marriage were proven invalid, then John would have to file a paternity action in order to gain at least partial custody of their children.

There are obviously still a lot of unknowns in this complex family law case, and we will let you know as issues are decided. There is at least one certainty that this case does confirm: Facebook can definitely be a useful tool to uncover the secrets of a relationship. 


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