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Decade-Old Douglas Divorce Continues In Court

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2010 | Divorce

Yesterday, the well-known actor Michael Douglas was faced with a familiar scene. He was in court discussing the details of his divorce — his divorce after a long-term marriage that was finalized in 2000. Since that divorce from Diandra Douglas, Michael Douglas has remarried and is currently married to actress Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The divorced couple is revisiting the details of their divorce settlement because Michael Douglas is revisiting his classic role from the movie “Wall Street.” He is picking up his former role for the “Wall Street” sequel, and his ex-wife wants some of the profit that the movie will likely make when it is released next month.

According to sources, the Douglas’ decade-old divorce agreement includes more than child support and spousal support details, but it also includes a trickier point. The agreement states that Diandra Douglas gets a share of any money Michael Douglas makes off of spinoff work based on work he did while married to his ex.

Sources report that Diandra Douglas has made an estimated $6 million since the divorce because of proceeds from her famous ex’s past work. And now she is looking to collect on this upcoming “Wall Street” work that is rumored to be a potential money maker.

Michael Douglas and his lawyer argue that his ex should get none of the potential profits from the upcoming film because the project was not even in the works at the time of their divorce. We will update you when there is a development in this high-profile case and discuss the court’s decision regarding this complicated task of dividing marital property.


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