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From Texas Divorce to Child Custody Fight to World-Wide Manhunt

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2010 | Child Custody, Divorce

A Texas mother, Diana Huynh, does not know where her child and ex-husband are. She is desperate to get her boy Eitan home to her in Plano, Texas, and away from his father who is currently the target of an international manhunt for violating child custody laws.

Diana Huynh and Michael Blasingame married in Dallas in 2006 and divorced shortly after. Before finalizing their child custody and divorce arrangements in 2008, Blasingame disappeared, Eitan in tow, and has been on the run with him ever since.

Eitan was only 3 when taken, and his father’s illegal travels have brought the missing child to more areas of the world than most of us will ever visit. According to sources, Blasingame and Eitan have travelled to Mexico, Germany, Yemen, Ethiopia, Thailand and Malaysia.

Authorities state that the duo “could be anywhere,” but they believe they are likely somewhere between Thailand and Malaysia. Authorities ask that the international public assist them and Eitan’s mother in locating the child and bringing him home.

While finding Eitan is the primary priority, apprehending Blasingame is also important. He faces federal charges of international parental kidnapping and unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

Those are serious offenses, and the kidnapping charge alone could get Blasingame up to three years in prison. His mother is also facing charges due to her supporting Blasingame in his international travels with Eitan by sending him money.

There is no mention that Huynh or the authorities believe Eitan is in physical danger while with his father. Blasingame, however, has broken the law; he has unfairly denied Huynh her legal right to settle family law arrangements in court and to be a part of her son’s life over the past two years. He must be found and face the legal consequences he deserves.


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