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Welcome to Our Harris County, Texas, Divorce Law Blog

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2010 | Uncategorized

From the Law Office of Nancy H. Boler, I am happy to welcome you to my blog! I have always prided myself on creating personal connections with my clients, and I hope that this blog supports further connections between my Harris County community members and me, Nancy Boler.

My 20 years of experience working as a family law attorney have taught me more than how to most effectively represent my clients’ best interests; they have also taught me the importance of personal connections and openly communicating with my clients. Law is complicated, and I always try to keep clients informed during the process so that I know they are making decisions they can live with when the legal process ends.

Many people whom I’ve helped have put off divorce or child custody disputes due to their fear of the unknown. I hope to alleviate some of that fear through this blogging forum. I want this blog to serve as a stepping stone toward readers finding confidence through knowledge. Regularly, I will post news stories about Texas divorce and family law cases, most likely focusing on the following:

The posts will mainly cover news based in Texas; however, when a national story affects our state laws or opens up a widely important legal conversation, I will write about that as well.

A collaborative effort is what makes an effective case, and I know that the same will hold true for the success and overall value of this Harris County Divorce Lawyer Blog. So please feel free to post your comments, concerns and suggestions on this forum. I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.

To discuss a specific divorce or family law issue, please contact me directly at the Law Office of Nancy H. Boler. I will listen to your case, your worries, fears, hopes and give you an honest and sensitive evaluation of your legal options. A brighter day is possible for you and your family. Let me help you get there.

I look forward to blogging with you!


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