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Sandra Bullock, Star of “Speed,” Gets a Speedy Texas Divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2010 | Divorce

Things very well might be bigger in Texas, but it looks like they are faster, too–at least when it comes to divorce.

The Texas divorce between Sandra Bullock and Jesse James is evidence of that and has left people around the country shocked that a divorce, especially a celebrity divorce, could get finalized a mere 60 days after the divorce papers were filed.

As you likely remember, Bullock went from receiving an Academy Award one day, to receiving a devastating blow days later when rumors about her famous husband’s infidelity were confirmed. Bullock wasted no time and filed for divorce from James on April 23, and their divorce was finalized on Monday. 

Some were confused about why Bullock filed divorce papers in Texas. The speed at which the divorce progressed, however, proves that filing in Texas rather than in California was smart for someone who wants to move on with her life as quickly as possible. Texas does not require the six-month waiting period that California does before finalizing a divorce.

Apparently, Bullock had little faith that her marriage could be saved and knew that divorcing James was what she wanted. Filing for divorce in Texas, therefore, satisfied her decisiveness by allowing her to get out of the five-year marriage as soon as possible.

James has been publicly apologetic for his behavior since the scandal began, so it was likely due to his shame that he did not contest Bullock’s desire to end their marriage. Because the divorce was uncontested, that probably saved the couple from a longer legal process as well.


CNN: Divorce between Bullock and James is final, her rep says


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