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5 myths about divorce that need to be dispelled

Divorce is a complex legal process that has many steps involved before it is finalized. It is a huge decision that should not be taken lightly. There is a lot of misinformation about divorce that comes from gossip and misinterpretation of the law. Instead of listening to your neighbor or cousin, you should speak to someone who knows and understands family law.

Texas bill would make it harder to divorce

Back in the 1970s, the Lone Star State introduced "no fault" divorce. Before that, spouses had to prove to the courts that the marriage was untenable, often by showing that infidelity or abuse took place. Instead of just saying things didn't work out, fault-baseddivorcesmeant airing dirty laundry and having someone else tell you whether your feelings were valid.

How You Can Seek Spousal Rights from a Divorce Case

Most divorce cases evolve into hotly contested battles in the absence of an amicable agreement between separating spouses. Accusations are made on either side in a battle of supremacy between ex-spouses. In most cases, the kids experience most of the heartache arising from a torn family. Despite your feuding battles, it is advisable to put aside your differences and focus on the best interests of the child. Doing so positively contributes to the emotional and psychological development of the child.

How You Can Obtain Fair Spousal Support

Divorce cases are widely considered as complex processes by most spouses. Not only do they have to pack up and move on, but also need to maintain regular contact for the wellbeing of their children. Whatever reason may have instigated the divorce case, it is advisable to put your differences aside and cater to the needs of the children. However, certain situations activate spousal support especially when one spouse abandoned their career to look after the children. Additionally, the spouse may not be financially stable to live independently.

Characteristics of a long-term marriage divorce

A long-term marriage is usually one that lasts 20 years or longer. Deciding to divorce after that long can be hard enough on its own. But, it can become more complicated and stressful when dealing with the minutia of the case. Thus, it can be helpful to know what characterizes the divorce of a long-term marriage.

Dealing with domestic violence and divorce

Dealing with a divorce is difficult enough. If your divorce involves domestic violence, it can be even scarier and more demanding. The threat of abuse can hamper communication with your spouse. Poor communication can make it even harder to work through the proceedings. It can also lead to uncertainty and pain. However, there are certain things you can do to make sure that you and your loved ones are safe and secure.

Should I use a temporary order before my divorce?

If you've determined to go through with a divorce, there will be many decisions that lay ahead. But, you and your spouse need to make some decisions before others. And some of these decisions may be time sensitive as well. There are some circumstances that determine whether a temporary order will be useful in your situation for this purpose.

Avoid these post-divorce missteps

During times of great personal change, it can be tempting to give into one's impulses. Throwing caution to the wind does not seem nearly so reckless when one's world has been turned upside-down anyway. However, there are reasons to be cautious in certain areas of life after deciding to divorce.

What to do if your ex is moving out of state

Going through a divorce can be enough trouble without having to worry about issues like the jurisdiction of your child custody hearings. That's why it is important for parents to know their rights when they discover their ex-spouse plans to move out of state. The first step in that process is understanding how multi-state parenting agreements work and when they become necessary.

What are the rules about moving after divorce?

When a couple has no children and seeks a divorce, matters tend to be relatively simple. Once property issues get sorted out, the two parties never have to see one another again. However, when children are involved, things get more complicated. The divorcing couple must consider each issue that comes up in light of how it will affect the children. One such problem can come up when one of the parents wants to relocate a significant distance away.


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