High-Conflict Divorce

Though your emotional response to divorce may vary from worry to despair to relief to elation, there is no denying that the process of divorce is messy. When the marital dissolution involves high conflict, the degree of messiness can rise to the level of disaster. But you do not have to let conflict escalate beyond control and you do not have to play the power struggle game to win.

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Intimidation and Power Struggles in Divorce

There is often conflict involved with any divorce, but some divorces move into the high-conflict arena when a power struggle is involved. Often one or both spouses are more interested in winning than in moving past a divorce and making a new life for themselves and for their children. Additionally, there may be domestic violence involved to intimidate the less hostile family members.

The toll of high-conflict divorce is not easily measurable; however, the costs can quickly escalate and the emotional consequences on the partners, children, family members and friends may last a lifetime. It is often in the best interest of all parties to move the divorce through court quickly so resolution is achieved and the individuals can move forward in life.

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